Question bank – 2020 – Class 10 – English(First shift) – Oneliner.

Question bank – 2020 – Class 10 – English(First shift).

अंग्रेजी(बिहार बोर्ड) – दशम वर्ग, Question bank – 2020 – प्रथम पाली !

1. Martha’s stories were listened to by the children with


2. Who has written the poem, “The empty heart”?

Periasamy Thooran

3. The porter is out of-


4. The poet in ‘Ode on Solitude’ wants to live-


5. An Indian film should steer clear of-


6. Who switched on the heater for gillu?

The author

7. Rapid movement gives you a superficial sense of-


8. According to Jim, who uses electric appliances the most?


9. Allergens are of ………. types.


10. Jabra was Halku’s-


11. “Her voice and her narrow chin” is from the poem.


12. According to the bet, the lawyer had to remain in the cell for ……. years.


13. Who received the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of Aung San Suu kyi?

Her son 

14. The old women’s house is situated outside of 


15. When akoulya saw ……. on her frock, she was angry.


16. Health and virtue can be found in the people of 


17. Aung San Suu Kyi fought for ……. of the human spirit.


18. Gillu was buried under the …….. plant.


19. The two girls, Malasha and Akoulya had gone to the ……… to pray.


20. R.C.hutchinson wrote the he watched a play in


21. Radha’s friends are ……. about Radha.


22. The polythene bag makes a ………. noise.


23. Who has written the poem “The Sleeping Porter”?

Laxmi Prasad Devkota

24. The ……… of the koel has been charred by the fire of love.


25. In the town, the nightingale is:


26. Indian culture is amazing because of its


27. There was ……….. to  look after sun and moon.


28. According to Martin Luther King, Jr., humanity cannot be bound to ……….. and war.


29. When Gillu was happy, he made a sound of


30. The author finds himself in a hopeless situation when he goes to watch the


31. According to Jim, nobody wants to do anything about


32. The colour of the Gillu’s eyes was


33. Akoulya’s mother truck 


34. “Nobody’s willing to do anything about ecology” is said by-


35. Binapani Mohanty is a well-known ………..  short story writer.


36. Mr. Gessler was a


 Choose the indirect speech of the given sentence.

37. He said, “Where is my car?”

 He asked where his car was.

38. Sunita said to me, “Thank you.”

 Sunita thanked me.

39. My father said to me, “Go home.”

 My father ordered me to go home.

40. Asha said, “I never eat fish.”

 Asha said that she never ate fish.

 Choose the correct option of the following.

41. Passive voice of “Mr. Sinha teaches us physics” is

 We are taught Physics by Mr. Sinha.

42.  Active voice of “Is Bhojpuri spoken by her?” is

Does she speak Bhojpuri?

43.  Active voice of  of “Your shoes should be taken off” is

Take your shoes off.

44.  Passive voice of “I helped the old woman” is

The old woman was helped by me.

45.  Maya is suffering ………. Fever.


46. she is known ………. me.


47.  Sheela lives ……….. her parents.


48.  The room is full ……. People.


Choose the correct spelling.

49. Jealous

50.  Tourist

51. Quarrel

52.  Fiery

Choose the most suitable translation.

53. वह बाज़ार गया हैI

 He has gone to market.

54. तुमसे यह किसने कहा?

  Who said this to you?

55. तुमने गलती की हैI

 You have made a mistake.

56. तस्वीर दीवार पर हैI

 The picture is on the wall.

 Choose the correct form of verb.

57.  He ……………  ghost last night. 


58.  Keep quiet, we are …………. to the Prime Minister’s speech.


59.  The Portrait was ………….on the wall.


60.  Ritesh ………… tomorrow.

 will come

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