Question bank – 2019 – Class 10 – English(Second shift) – Oneliner.

Question bank – 2019 – Class 10 – English(Second shift).

अंग्रेजी(बिहार बोर्ड) – दशम वर्ग, Question bank – 2019 – द्वितीय पाली !

1. ‘Polythene bag’ When left to itself, …………… environment.


2. Prem Shankar is mentioned in-


3. ’Thinner than a crescent’, has been composed by


4. In ‘Me and the Ecology bit’, the post office was …………  from Mr Johnson’s home.

 two blocks away

5. What is one of the most remarkable features of Indian culture, according to Humayun Kabir?

 Underlying Unity

6. The only companion of the mother in the story ‘Two horizons’, is- 

 her dog

7. The first feature film in India was produced in-


8. In the poem ‘The empty heart’, the prayer was granted-

 seven fold

9. ’Quality’ is a story about a-

 Shoe maker

10. Aung San Suu Kyi’s struggle was for:

a democratic – Burma

11. In ‘The pace for living’, R.C. Hutchinson discusses-

 the agony of modern man

12. The author of ‘The bet’, is-

 Anton Chekhov

13. Both the girls in the story ‘Little girls wiser than men’, had-

 red handkerchiefs

14. Mahadevi Verma is the author of-


15. As per the ‘Acceptance speech’, the beauty of Genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than-

 Diamonds, Gold, Silver

16. Katherine Mansfield is basically a-

 Story writer

17. ‘The unity of Indian culture’, was a lecture delivered by Humayun Kabir in-

 Baroda University

18. ‘Martha’, had clear and ………… Eyes.


19. In the story ‘Once upon a time’, the woman was visited by-

 Some young people

20. The story ‘Little girls wiser than men’, has been written by-

 Leo Tolstoy

21. Toni Morrison was the first ………… to receive the Nobel Prize.

 Black woman

22. ‘What is wrong with Indian films’, has been written by

 Satyajit Ray

23. Pope, in the poem ‘Ode on Solitude’, says that village people get everything except-

 Money from trees

24. In ‘The pace for living’, the author saw a play in-


25. ‘Me and the Ecology bit’ is all about-

 Preserving environment and ecology

26. ‘The sleeping Porter’ was wearing a ………….. Cap.


27. According to poem ‘God made the country’, our life would be sweet if we possess-

good health and virtue

28. The ‘Koel’ is hidden in-


29. The duration of love affair in the story ‘Love defiled’ was-

 8 years

30. In the story written by Mahadevi Verma, Gillu was injured by-


Choose the correct option of the following:

31. Passive voice of ‘She gave me a gift’.

 I was given a gift by her.

32. Active voice of ‘He was scolded by the teacher’.

 The teacher scolded him.

33. Active voice of ‘The garden has been watered by the gardener’.

 The gardener has watered the garden.

Choose the indirect speech of the given sentences:

34. Saunak said, “The sun rises in the East.”

Saunak said that the sun rises in the East.

35. Naveen says to me, “I am your friend.”

 Naveen tells me that he is my friend.

36. I said to her, “I am a good player.”

 I told her that I was a good player.

 Choose the correct form of verb:

37. Early to bed and early to rise …………… a man healthy, wealthy and wise.


38. Neither food nor water …………. Given.


39.  …….. you hear him?


Choose the most suitable preposition:

40. He complimented her ……….. new dress.


41. A frog was found ………… the well.


42. I am always …………. your service.


 Choose the correct spelling:

43. Illustration

44. Pollution

45. Assistance

Choose the most suitable translation:

46. वह कहीं नहीं जा सकताI

He cannot go anywhere.

47. आप वहां कितनी देर रहेंगेI 

 How long will you stay there?

48. जो लड़का तुमसे मिलने आया था वह बहुत ही गरीब हैI

 The boy who came to see you is very poor.

49. एवरेस्ट संसार में सबसे ऊंची चोटी हैI

 Everest is the highest peak in the world.

50. मैं अपना काम अपने आप ही करता हूंI

 I do my work myself.

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