Question bank – 2019 – Class 10 – English(First shift) – Oneliner.

Question bank – 2019 – Class 10 – English(First shift).

अंग्रेजी(बिहार बोर्ड) – दशम वर्ग, Question bank – 2019 – प्रथम पाली !

1. The author of ‘Me and the Ecology bit’ used to meet people and create awareness about-

 Importance of ecology

2. In the poem ‘Ode on Solitude’ the poet draws a beautiful picture of-

 a happy man

3. The Garden that burns the heart of ’Koel’  is-


4. In the story ‘Once upon a time’ the woman is the daughter of-


5. During the first year of imprisonment of the lawyer in ‘In the bet’-

suffered terribly

6. The name of Halku’s wife is ‘January night’ was-


7. Satyajit Roy is the writer of-

 What is wrong with Indian films.

8. The author of the story “ The pace of Living” enjoyed going in a car at

Ninety miles an hour.

9. Substances causing a violent reaction to the human immune system are called-


10. The writer of ‘The pace for living’ belongs to the tribe of …………….

 slow thinkers

11.  William cowper has written the poem-

 God made the country

12. It’s …………  that specially distinguishes the culture of India as per ‘The unity of Indian culture’.

 unbroken continuity

13. ‘The sleeping Porter’ is challenging-

 the mountain

14. ‘Polythene bag’ makes ……………  noise.


15.  Radha’s Tears in the poem ‘Thinner than a crescent’ has created-

 a river

16.  Maratha’s chin was-


17. ‘Quality’  is a story written by-

 John galsworthy

18. The daughter in the story ‘Two horizons’ learnt everything from her mother except-

 Importance of wealth

19. As per essay ‘What is wrong with Indian films’  the majority of our films or replete with-

 Visual dissonances 

20. Who has delivered the speech “The unity of Indian culture”? 

Humayun Kabir

21.  As per ‘Acceptance speech’ the struggle taking place in Rangoon was for-

Emancipation of human spirit from political tyranny.

22. ‘Toni Morrison’ received the Nobel Prize in the field of


23. ‘Gillu’ would inform by twittering-


24. Elderly people in the story ‘Little girls wiser than men’ were ashamed because

 Little girls became friends.

25. ‘Humanity can no longer be tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war’ was

said by-

Aung San Suu Kyi

26. In the story ‘Little girls wiser than men’, the girls are named-

Malasha and Akoulya

27. The boy in the story ‘Love defiled’ developed cold feet towards tying the Knot with the girl due to-

 Parental opposition

28.  When the author of ‘Me and Ecology bit’ went to Mr. William’s house , he was-

 burning leaves

29. ‘The empty heart’ has been composed by-

 Periyasamy thooran

30.  According to the story ‘Gillu’ squirrels have a lifespan of-

Two years

 Choose the passive voice of the following sentence :

31. His mother was comforting him.

 He was being comforted by his mother.

32. He is reading a novel.

 A novel is being read by him.

33. Shubham will clean the class.

 The class will be cleaned by Shubham.

Choose the indirect speech of the given sentences:

34. The master said to his servant, “Close the door.”

 The master ordered his servant to close the door.

35. The emperor said, “My wife is beautiful.”

 The Emperor said that his wife was beautiful.

36.  He said, “I am planning to migrate.”

He said that he was planning to migrate.

Choose the correct form of verb:

37. I ……….. before she arrived.

 had left

38. Bread and butter ……… my breakfast.


39. It ……… hot tomorrow.

 will be

 Choose the most suitable preposition:

40. He died ………….. Cancer.


41. Three persons were witness ………….  that event.


42. Look ………. the child.


Choose the correct spelling:

43. Astonished

44. Exception

45.  Circumstance

Choose the correct translation of the following:

46. तुम इस काम को चार बजे तक ख़त्म कर चुके होगेI

You will have finished this work by 4 o’ clock.

47. बहुत से पढ़े लिखे लोग देख रहे थेI

Many educated persons were watching.

48. मैं फुटबॉल से क्रिकेट को अधिक पसंद करता हूँI

I prefer cricket to football.

49. मेरा वाहन चालक चार दिनों से बीमार हैI

My driver has been ill for the last four days.

50. मजुमदार साहब सबसे वरिष्ठ अधिकारी हैI

Majumdar sahib is the most senior officer.

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